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Trio of athletes

At the end of every high school sports season, we shoot portraits of the teens our sports department picks as the player of the year. Here are three I liked from the fall and winter seasons.

Sometimes it requires me to do some solid brainstorming on my part to keep coming up with new ideas for these player of the year portraits, but with the swimmers I never seem to have any trouble. The pool here has windows all on one side, and there are so many things you can do with the water that I seem to have the least trouble with swimmers. It helps to have a subject like Kei, who was both calm and cooperative, despite my request that he repeatedly hold his breath while posing underwater.

Jon was the first of two golfers (boys and girls) I had to do back-to-back. I had Jon stand on a cooler to get some height on me since my point of view was going to be from beneath the hole. His fellow golfer Carly held up the cutout circle I made about 20 minutes before the shoot when I came up with this idea.

Besides lending me an extra pair of hands for the last photo, Carly was the subject of the next shoot. I had photographed her a couple months before and already knew she was very easy-going and, unlike many people I have to take portraits of, genuinely enjoyed having her photo taken. It helped that they know her at the course too, as she was able to come up with a bucket of extra golf balls for our shoot. I dumped them out, arranged them, and tossed aside the ones that looked like they had seen better days. Then I stood on the cooler from before to gain some extra height and used the late afternoon sun to my advantage.



Bug spray and sandbags

jamie 001

Ok, the title is a little misleading... but when I think about my photoshoot with Jamie, this comes to mind. It's hot in Wisconsin. Hot and humid and pretty windy at times. And we have a lot, a lot, of mosquitos. I wish I had brought bug spray and sandbags to this shoot. The mosquitos were driving me crazy and one of my umbrellas looks more like a contortionist ameba after being thrown onto the ground by a strong wind gust while attached to a light stand . All this didn't seem to upset Jamie, though. She's always a pleasure to work with.


- Kris