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Laura and Sean's Wedding | Grace Episcopal Church + Madison Masonic Center | Madison, WI

Laura and Sean got married last Saturday. I still can't get over how amazing this wedding was. Laura and Sean were prepared for anything! They had yellow umbrellas, rain boots, and a pretty awesome looking car. And if there is anything we love, it's props. Here are some of the photos from the day!
P.S. The last few pictures are from guests watching the Michigan-Syracuse game that night. And like good Michigan fans, they ended up watching the game in a small room with a TV next to the reception area. Michigan Won. 

Fake Candles and Politics

Candle-light vigils, no matter what they’re for, will pretty much always lead to a nice picture. So when I heard about the rally at the Capitol (yes, again) and the candle-light vigil, I thought I’d check it out, especially since I haven’t used my camera in what feels like ages (I think it’s been a week and a half…not good).

Oh, and Jesse Jackson was there too.

While I’m not totally thrilled with any of the shots I got, it’s still a vigil and it still looks pretty decent. Although, they used fake candles, which is lame. But it was windy so I’ll give them a break.

Perhaps the reason why I’m not very pleased with anything I got is because I didn’t really accomplish the goal I had in mind when I left for the rally. I really wanted to focus in on a powerful moment — whether that be a gesture, an expression or a detail shot — I wanted to limit my shooting and hone in on perfecting each shot. Unfortunately, since these protests get so much coverage, a lot of people are playing to the camera now. It’s quite annoying.

And Jesse Jackson may be the worst. As soon as that man sees a camera, he does one of three things: smiles, waves, or (in the case of when he’s speaking) gives a deadpan look with his eyes.

Besides the photo aspects of this rally-turned-candle-light-vigil, I thought the politics behind it were somewhat inappropriate. Today is the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s death…however, tomorrow is election day for Wisconsin — I’m sure you can see how this panned out. While it’s great to commemorate the courageous life of King, I don’t think using his death to shove more election signs, stickers and pins in peoples’ faces is the right way to remember the life of a great individual. And neither are the speaker-led chants of, “Be alive on April five!” Why turn this into a political event? Why try to draw comparisons to worker’s struggles in Madison to the struggles during the Civil Rights Movement? They’re not even close — and to suggest they are is ridiculous.



Rhythm & Booms

Photographed by Lukas Keapproth

I've shot Rhythm and Booms the last three years, but this year was definitely something different, albeit much more challenging.

Through some connections with the UW-Madison Journalism School, I got in touch with an alum who owns a boat and was willing to take me out into the Lake Mendota harbor to shoot the fireworks.

Even though the lake was relatively calm on the ride in, some 5,000 boats were huddled into a small portion of the lake during the fireworks, and it made the waters quite choppy. This made it challenging because my camera and I were bopping around and I couldn't get the sharpness I wanted in the fireworks. I loved the silhouette of the boats in the foreground though -- they really help to make these photos different than most of the fireworks photos I've seen (or taken) in years past.

Hilde & Brett's Wedding

Hilde and Brett's wedding presented probably the most unique wedding experience I've been a part of as a photographer. First, since Hilde is from Norway, the entire wedding has little hints of Norwegian culture -- from the traditional cake to the cultural dress that a few of her family members wore. 

Since Brett is in the Army he wore his uniform and added a whole new dimension to the pictures. I always think it's fun to get away from the ordinary black tuxes once in a while. 

Finally, Hilde and Brett were the most relaxed couple I've seen on wedding day. This is probably because they were already "technically" married a year ago, but had never had a ceremony in front of friends and family. Neither person was stressed or anxious -- instead, they both had a great time and I could tell they really enjoyed the couple of each other and their families. 

- Lukas