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Mona and Erik's Wedding | St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church | Blackhawk Country Club | Madison, Wisconsin

I finally finished editing Mona and Erik's Wedding Pictures. I usually try to get them done within a few weeks, but sometimes, the amount of work I put into the editing process takes longer than expected (I edit every photo Red Wave Pictures takes one by one), especially while in the middle of our wedding season! I also re-edit the photos from our weddings using our RAW files, so if you're curious as to why they might look a bit different from when we post them on our Facebook page, or why there is a delay between Facebook and blog posts, that's why! 

Anyway, they are finally done and I'm excited to show them off!

Lorenzo, Danny and I followed the really awesome Mona and Erik the whole day. They were more than fun and the whole day went by like a breeze. Here are some of the photos I liked from the hundreds we took that day. Enjoy! 

- Kris

Laura and Sean's Wedding | Grace Episcopal Church + Madison Masonic Center | Madison, WI

Laura and Sean got married last Saturday. I still can't get over how amazing this wedding was. Laura and Sean were prepared for anything! They had yellow umbrellas, rain boots, and a pretty awesome looking car. And if there is anything we love, it's props. Here are some of the photos from the day!
P.S. The last few pictures are from guests watching the Michigan-Syracuse game that night. And like good Michigan fans, they ended up watching the game in a small room with a TV next to the reception area. Michigan Won.