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Mona and Erik's Wedding | St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church | Blackhawk Country Club | Madison, Wisconsin

I finally finished editing Mona and Erik's Wedding Pictures. I usually try to get them done within a few weeks, but sometimes, the amount of work I put into the editing process takes longer than expected (I edit every photo Red Wave Pictures takes one by one), especially while in the middle of our wedding season! I also re-edit the photos from our weddings using our RAW files, so if you're curious as to why they might look a bit different from when we post them on our Facebook page, or why there is a delay between Facebook and blog posts, that's why! 

Anyway, they are finally done and I'm excited to show them off!

Lorenzo, Danny and I followed the really awesome Mona and Erik the whole day. They were more than fun and the whole day went by like a breeze. Here are some of the photos I liked from the hundreds we took that day. Enjoy! 

- Kris