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Two interesting people

I wanted to share a couple of portraits of people I had the pleasure to meet over the past couple months:

We were doing a story on Dr. Leonard Kouba because he had set yet another fishing record, one of many. Leonard is probably the only guy I've ever met who can't use his arms to say "and it was this big" when telling a fish story. He showed me photos of some of his catches and they were taller than Yao Ming and weighed in the ballpark of 200 pounds. But there was more to Kouba than his fish stories, he's practically traveled the entire world in order to catch some of these fish and go on other adventures and he is a retired Northern Illinois University geography professor. It was really a pleasure to hang out with him for awhile and hear his stories.

Every Friday in DeKalb for more than ten years now, when many people are getting off work and driving home from 5-6, there are two present with signs, flags, etc. One group brings a message of peace and ending war and the other group asks for the support of our troops. Cele Meyer is in the former group, and also a veteran. She let me festoon her living room with her collection of signs from the garage. She was great to meet and we had a fair amount of time to chat while I placed the signs just so.