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Flying Remotely

In the week leading up to Meghan and Hawkin's wedding, we were informed there would be a little surprise at the wedding. Meghan and her father would make a surprise entrance by flying into ceremony in a helicopter. Meghan, her parents, the pastor and Lukas and I were the only ones in on the secret.

Obviously this was going to be a significant part of the wedding and we wanted to get photos of it from more than one angle. I was not surprised when I found out the night before that we could not have a photographer in the helicopter because of limited space, but I really was hoping we could get a photo with the bride in the helicopter looking out at the ceremony.

I went with the bride and her father to the airport and mounted one of my cameras in the helicopter. I knew we'd get nothing if I didn't do it, but I was worried about it anyway. I had to mount the camera behind Meghan, so it was really a stroke of luck that she was looking to the right and smiling at the exact same time that you could see the ceremony in the background (which happened to be right as they landed).

It was a fun thing to try and definitely something that we could only do with two photographers, as I ended up only getting back to the ceremony right as the helicopter was arriving, meaning I had to book it to get the bride's entrance from the ground.

 - Kyle