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Mardi Gras in New Orleans

I went to New Orleans to photograph Mardi Gras as part of a Workshop organized by Andy Levin, an incredible photographer who lives in New Orleans. The first impression I got from New Orleans is that it's a busy place. The second thing I noticed was the Architecture.

NOLA  001

Every house is different. The culture is well reflected on every building you see here. The diversity is trully admirable. In short, New Orleans is beautiful.

This is lake Pontchartrain. Right off the French Quarter.

NOLA  066 

I started off photographing the parades. It's incredible how many beads paraders buy and store on their floats.

NOLA  002


The Flambeaux carriers were incredibly fun to shoot. 

NOLA  004

Flambeaux carriers carry torches mounted on wooden poles backed by a sheet of alumnium to reflect light (Flambeaux), wait for the parade to start while carrying gas tanks on their backs (pictured Above); which to me, seems very dangerous.

They dance to the rythm of the bands playing right in front of them while the crowd throws money at them. 

NOLA  006


The floats themselves are interesting to look at, but I wasn't really interested in the crazyness and chaos of Mardi Gras. 

NOLA  005


NOLA  003


I was more interested in making sense out of the chaos of it all. I was trying to find personalities and quiet moments amidst the cachophony.

NOLA  007

NOLA  009

NOLA  010


Thankfully, among the noise and the continuous gifting of beads...

NOLA  014 

... I was still able to find moments where people would show their personalities; if even for just a second.

NOLA  016

NOLA  028

NOLA  030

NOLA  031

NOLA  019

NOLA  029

 NOLA  027

I did notice a difference between how the younger and older generation reacted towards Mardi Gras. It seemed like the older they got the less they enjoyed the parades and the more they enjoyed the company of their friends. 

NOLA  017

NOLA  068


I also went to an area where some of the local gangs spent time during Mardi Gras and witnessed some very interesting sights. There were around ten or so men riding their bikes showing off their skills at painting their gang's territory on the ground with skid marks. 

NOLA  018

 NOLA  069

NOLA  070


I also ran into one of the big chiefs and the little chief, his son. African American men dress in very elaborate and ornamented costumes with feathers and colors and parade up and down Caiborne Avenue.

NOLA  022


One more thing I loved about New Orleans is the music and the people who play it. 

NOLA  033

NOLA  036

NOLA  054

NOLA  037

NOLA  038


Of course, I couldn't escape Mardi Gras. The noise caught up to me.

NOLA  026

NOLA  012

NOLA  011


And then it got crazier.

NOLA  043

NOLA  040

NOLA  044

NOLA  046

NOLA  045

NOLA  048

NOLA  050


But even then I was able to find those quiet moments that made it worth sticking around.

NOLA  052

NOLA  035

NOLA  034

NOLA  056


And well, after the party...

NOLA  013

NOLA  053

NOLA  055


Every morning, however, you would walk down the street and never believe anything happened the night before. That's because the city leaves the streets impecable.

NOLA  064 

NOLA  065


All in all I had a great time. I met some wonderful people and photographers. And I found a new love, New Orleans.


.. oh yeah... I also got pepper sprayed.

NOLA  063

The story? well, an unofficial parade, Parade of Eris, got broken up by NOPD and some people weren't very happy. And things got a bit out of control.


- Kris