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Ten-year-old NPH superfan

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting a 10-year-old Neil Patrick Harris fan named Tyler. Shortly after I received the assignment to take photos for a story about him, I decided to check out a clip where NPH gave him a shoutout while on "LIVE! with Kelly."

Fortunately, I had just started watching this show from the beginning on Netflix, so I knew a little bit about the character Tyler liked. On the show, Barney is rarely seen without a suit on, is probably the biggest womanizer on TV and in just about every episode he and the rest of the main characters are hanging out at a local bar.

When I got the assignment the first thing I thought is that it would be so strangely appropriate to have this ten-year-old at a bar and with a drink in hand, but I thought there was no way this would happen. The family would have to have a bar in their house, or we'd have to reschedule and arrange something special.

I knew coming in that Tyler had a suit, and asked for dress clothes for his birthday and Christmas from the youtube clip from "LIVE! with Kelly" where she and NPH talk about him. I came to the assignment figuring I would try to juxtapose Tyler in a suit, like Barney always is, against something that illustrated the fact that he was probably one of youngest fans of the character.

When I arrived at Tyler's home, I asked his mother if there was anything that might make in appropriate background for the photo. She immediately suggested the bar in their basement, saying they'd taken photos of him dressed like Barney there before. But I also decided to scope out Tyler's room and shoot him there too, just in case I needed another option.

Tyler already had some Barney poses he'd clearly been perfecting for awhile so he made posing pretty easy for me. I had him add some winking in some of the photos, because I'd seen the character do a fair amount of winking in what I had seen of the show so far.

I had a really fun time meeting Tyler and his family. They showed me the signed portrait that NPH had sent them and I thought that I was able to get a couple interesting portraits out of it.

See the article about Tyler here.