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The Badgers welcome the Cornhuskers to the Big Ten

This is my 5th season covering the Badgers. I've been at almost every home game, and on the road to many Big Ten stadiums, but seriously, Camp Randall is awesome. It was going to be hard topping off last year's Rose Bowl run, with the incredible upset over the #1 ranked team, Ohio St, to the nail biting thriller at Iowa City, and rushing the field for the second time as the Badgers secured their Rose Bowl ticket. Finishing it off with a gorgeous New Year's day in Pasadena was something I'll never forget. Though, with the defense losing several key players this year, no one knew how good the Badgers would be this time. 

Everyones' dreams quickly grew again with Bret Bielema's proudest recruit from NC state, Russell Wilson. This multi talented athlete quickly made Madison his home and lead the Badgers with so much ease and style. It was like he had been here for years. He added a new dimension to the Badger's offense, combined with the unstoppable running game, they quickly became one of the nation's top offenses. 

Only beating lesser teams up to now, Russell hasn't yet "proven" himself worthy of leading a national title contender team, but I would say any doubts were erased after last Saturday's performance. 

Here are some selects from this incredible experience