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Rhythm & Booms

Photographed by Lukas Keapproth

I've shot Rhythm and Booms the last three years, but this year was definitely something different, albeit much more challenging.

Through some connections with the UW-Madison Journalism School, I got in touch with an alum who owns a boat and was willing to take me out into the Lake Mendota harbor to shoot the fireworks.

Even though the lake was relatively calm on the ride in, some 5,000 boats were huddled into a small portion of the lake during the fireworks, and it made the waters quite choppy. This made it challenging because my camera and I were bopping around and I couldn't get the sharpness I wanted in the fireworks. I loved the silhouette of the boats in the foreground though -- they really help to make these photos different than most of the fireworks photos I've seen (or taken) in years past.