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Hilde & Brett's Wedding

Hilde and Brett's wedding presented probably the most unique wedding experience I've been a part of as a photographer. First, since Hilde is from Norway, the entire wedding has little hints of Norwegian culture -- from the traditional cake to the cultural dress that a few of her family members wore. 

Since Brett is in the Army he wore his uniform and added a whole new dimension to the pictures. I always think it's fun to get away from the ordinary black tuxes once in a while. 

Finally, Hilde and Brett were the most relaxed couple I've seen on wedding day. This is probably because they were already "technically" married a year ago, but had never had a ceremony in front of friends and family. Neither person was stressed or anxious -- instead, they both had a great time and I could tell they really enjoyed the couple of each other and their families. 

- Lukas