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Portrait - Ballet Dancer Nikki Hefko (Part 2)

Today, I got a chance to work with Professional Ballet Dancer Nikki Hefko. She lives in New York and is in Madison performing "Cinderella" this coming weekend. So I got together with her one more time before she went back home. These are two of my favorite photos from the shoot.



We first went to Olin Park and ventured into the lake. Since it's been pretty warm over here in Wisconsin (about 39-40 degrees) we weren't completely sure if the lake would still hold our weight so we pretty much just winged it. Brad Fedie, a friend of mine and excellent editorial photographer, helped me out with carrying my gear around, an arduous task since I usually carry several dozens of lbs of lighting equipment wherever I go, and helped out figuring out the best place and position for Nikki to hold.

Anyway, after surviving a cracking lake we headed toward a gym I had rented to do make some studio-like pictures. I put up the white backdrop and really wasn't liking what I saw... but then I got the gray background and things started rolling.

If you're a strobist or just curious about the lighting, feel free to ask in our comments section!


- Kris