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27 portraits and a group shot in 15 minutes.

When I arrived at Edgewood College to shoot a group shot and some individual portraits I didn't expect to shoot this many people in such short amount of time. I was told they were taking time out of their meeting to get their pictures taken. The Communications Director at Edgewood was not sure we could get all of them before they needed to get back to their meeting. 

Now, I enjoy a good challenge... when it's presented to me in advance. This time, I had to think fast. I would've preferred to set up the backdrop inside and move the people outside for their group shot; but we ended up setting up the background out in the patio, 10 feet away from where we were going to shoot their group picture. This allowed me to not have to use more than one light for their individual shots, since natural light was giving me the fill light I needed in the shadowy areas of their bodies.

Since we needed to do it quick, I asked them to make a line next to the background I had set up while yelling "Next!" every 30 seconds. By the time I was done with the individual portraits, they were all nicely arranged into a semi circle and ready to get their group shot taken. 

Fast, efficient, and practical. 




- Kris